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the daily ramblings of a brainfried nurse
To Z: A Last Goodbye 
13th-Apr-2010 11:06 pm
You say you are Persephone
Always longing for your mother
But you also are Demeter
To one who’s like a daughter

You always marveled at
My growth, encouraged me
You gave me support and love
You helped to set me free

But then my wings were fully fledged
I was prepared to fly
I thought you would be happy
I hoped to give you pride

How shocked was I the day
From daughter I was cast
To rival – bitter word, accused
Rejected despite the past

My service was no longer yours
My life was now my own
You spurned me who was newly queened
While holding out a bone

“Give it all to me”, you said
“Bring me your work to own,
And I will give you all my love
And claim you for my own.”

“I will sanctify you”, you cried
“Just bring all your thoughts to me.”
But you will wrap me in loving arms,
And I will cease to be

I broke away by seeing you
As you don’t see yourself
I felt the hunger in your words
The Hunger for my soul

I love you oh so much
I felt part of me had died
The day you turned on me
You can’t know how I cried

But then you gave yourself away
With the carrot you laid in my path
And I realized my great fortune
To be the object of your wrath

In my dreams we reconcile
You know I miss you still
Hugs and kisses, sweet loving words
You know I always will

For never can I return
To the Mother of my heart
Without submission, sublimation
Surrender of every part

You will not accept me
For the womon I became
For me to fly, it threatens you
So you heap me with disdain

This rivalry is of your making
Until you can resolve inside
The path I must be taking
The distance eternal, and infinity deep and wide

26th-Apr-2010 07:41 pm (UTC)
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